Independent IT and Telecoms Consultancy

Cunniffe & Helm provide independent advice on the design, implementation, assessment and strategy of IT and telecoms projects.

Our experience working across the education, corporate and service provider sectors allows us to bring an in-depth knowledge of challenges and understanding of opportunities, and a fresh perspective, to any IT and telecoms projects.  We work either with existing teams to design and deliver a project from strategy through to implementation, or independently to assess solutions being procured or already delivered.

In particular, we have experience in the telecoms industry procuring, designing and delivering infrastructure.  We have built and worked with service providers (ISPs) to deliver physical wholesale and retail networks.

The Way We Work

Happy to get involved at any stage of a project, we work to add value to the final delivery.  Using our industry expertise, and calling on others when we need to, we look to strip projects back to the key objectives, define realistic outcomes and from there provide input.  We aim to deliver smarter, agile solutions that provide real value for our clients.

Independent & Impartial Advice

As consultants, we are completely independent of all suppliers, vendors and manufacturers.  The advice we give is always both independent and impartial.  We work with all parties involved in a project to assess the best outcome for our client.