DC Selection & Enabling

Data Centre Selection

Moving in-house infrastructure into data centres is increasingly becoming a better, more cost-effective option.  Data centres provide a secure, highly connected and resilient location.  Providing the same level of fault tolerance in-house is often more expensive, and where it is borderline, the added support costs combined with efficiency and productivity losses caused by issues and faults soon sway the balance.

Remote hands on-site in data centres combined with careful spares planning also means that, in reality, it is often years between actual visits to data centres being required.

However, selecting the right data centres is key.  Different data centres offer different advantages and are priced accordingly.  Often, you must balance the cost of power and space against the availability of connectivity options and redundancy.

We can help you identify your data centre needs, select the best data centre options for you, and manage the process from contract signing through to deployment.

Data Centre Enabling

Deployment Design

As part of the data centre selection process, we work with you to create a deployment plan.  Through this, we identify and spec network requirements, identify hardware solutions (focusing on power and space efficiency) and plan the deployment path from testing to go live.  We also look at redundancy and automated failover solutions where high availability is required.


There is no point putting your hardware in a data centre if it does not have the connectivity you need.  We look at the types of services you will be deploying and the best connectivity for the end users.  Our experience in routed and managed networks allows us to deploy and support anything from single feed managed connectivity, to provider independent BGP networks.

We also look at the best connectivity options between your team and the data centre or cloud operator chosen, the capacity needs of this connection and the security requirements.  Where necessary, we recommend point-to-point or leased line connectivity, MPLS circuits or VPN connections.

Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure

As part of any data centre selection and design process, we will look at alternatives such as hybrid cloud solutions, full cloud deployment or in-house network builds.  Where hybrid or full cloud solutions are chosen, Cunniffe & Helm can perform the build and configuration of these services, as well as ongoing monitoring and support.


Once a deployment has been planned, Cunniffe & Helm are able to complete the build element for you too.  We can provide hardware procurement and configuration, pre-deployment bench testing and final rack and deployment within the chosen architecture and data centre.