Infrastructure Value Analysis

Cunniffe & Helm’s expertise places us well to assist in valuing and auditing IT and telecoms infrastructure.  If you are looking to determine the potential value and expected benefits of investing in new digital technologies, services and infrastructure, justify or examine internal business cases or provide validation of valuations for M&A, we can help you do so.  We look at both physical and digital assets as well as those nested in your skilled staff base and, for companies delivering digital services, your customer base.

Investment Justification

If you are looking at potential investment in new digital technologies, services or infrastructure, we provide independent advice on the potential values and benefits that could be gained from this.  We look at the alternatives, what the associated impacts may be (particularly OPEX costs and project lifespans) and monetising the calculation of overall value gain.

Valuation & Auditing

Through our auditing services, we look at the value of your current infrastructure, both as physical assets and in terms of business productivity.  We can provide physical validation of existing assets, either against your existing asset register or by creating an asset register for you and using purchase history to identify any gaps.

Derived Value

Where the infrastructure and services you deploy are public facing, we work to derive the value that these really deliver to your business.  This can be as part of a justification for continued investment and growth, to examine and scrutinise previous spend or to form the basis of a disaster recovery or business contingency plan (essential for all businesses with IT at the core of what they do).  As a truly independent contractor, we look at this with no predetermined views or benefits from the outcome, delivering an unbiased report.

Productivity Impact Assessment

Business IT services are primarily designed to increase productivity and output.  Assessing the effectiveness of this and identifying any bottlenecks or opportunities for enhancement can help streamline business processes and boost profitability.

M&A Valuation

Working for either side, Cunniffe & Helm provide independent digital infrastructure valuations for merger and acquisition processes.  We look at current infrastructure and service agreements, cost savings available from merging systems and the feasibility of merging systems.  We also assess the expected longevity of current assets and work to project likely costs in the short to medium term.

Income Generation

For organisations and telcos with larger network footprints, we look at alternative methods of income generation using spare capacity within existing infrastructure.  We look at any legal or regulatory frameworks that may impact on this and identify target markets.  Price and service benchmarking provide revenue estimates.  Public services such as county councils, utility firms and RSPs are good examples of organisations with such opportunities.