Multi-site Connectivity

Cross-campus and Wide Area Network Connectivity

Our connectivity expertise can help you identify the best way to deploy your multi-site network in a manageable and cost-effective manner, whether it is cross-campus, across the UK or globally.  We leverage our experience from building private fibre networks for corporate, education and service provider organisations, and in using microwave-radio links where the cost of fibre is prohibitive, to design and implement the right solution for you.


For organisations where 100% connectivity uptime is vital, we can help source truly redundant internet and multi-site connectivity.  Either through using diversely routed fibre and different wholesale providers or through altnets, we recommend ways of guaranteeing connectivity routes that are truly distinct from one another.

Our unique knowledge of the UK’s altnet providers, supported by our database of them and their locations, allows us to identify and test them.  Fibre that is completely distinct from the BT/Openreach network is often both hard and extremely expensive to deploy.  As such, we often favour ultra-low latency licensed microwave links.  With up to 100% uptime SLAs, these are now a viable method for deploying services up to 1 Gbps.

Multi-site MPLS or VPN

For organisations with multiple diffuse sites, we design and specify MPLS network connectivity.  This low latency, highly reliable method allows systems and users to operate seamlessly across multiple locations.

For smaller satellite offices or remote workers, we look to deploy secure networks that will automatically create a VPN tunnel between their network and the main organisation’s network.  Most importantly, we look to do this in a way that is seamless and requires no technical knowledge from the user.

Point-to-Point Network

Where buildings, offices and warehouses are spread out across the UK (and abroad) and low latency, secure connectivity is required, we look at the best solutions to provide point-to-point Ethernet circuits.  We also design network connectivity for organisations with campuses of buildings that need to be interlinked on site.

Drawing on our experience working with service providers, we can design and contract the installation of private fibre and point-to-point fixed wireless networks to meet your business needs.

Dark Fibre

Where high and growing capacity is required, dark fibre is often a suitable option.  Typically, this will tend to be used by organisations with data centres and processing facilities that need to be interlinked.

There are numerous providers that will offer dark fibre connectivity, and we work to identify the most appropriate provider to fill your needs based on support standards, costings and deployment challenges.

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