Network Design & Troubleshooting

Design.  Install.  Support.

Our experienced team of network architects have expertise in designing, deploying and supporting networks of all sizes.  From physical network design and installation (including multi-site connectivity) to software provision and security auditing we can support your organisation.  Our particular speciality is in deploying low latency switching and routing networks and troubleshooting issues within them.

We provide contract-based, short-notice or ad-hoc troubleshooting to either act as or support your in-house IT department and to help identify and fix tricky sporadic or recurring network issues.

Taking a holistic approach, we look at what infrastructure is present currently, how it is performing and how needs and access methodologies may change in the short and medium term.  This helps to ensure that we are delivering value-for-money services and solutions.  Solutions that are reliable and do not hamper the workflow and processes of the business are important, and delivering them without the need for constant service interruptions should always be considered of high importance.  However, doing this with a view to realistic budgets and support arrangements is also important.  We therefore work to build a measurable case for any investment, upon which informed decisions can be made.

Network Design

Cunniffe & Helm are experienced in designing network infrastructure for deployment in organisations of all sizes.  Our particular speciality is working with larger organisations to streamline network operations and implement multi-site connectivity solutions.  More importantly, though, we are familiar with maintaining and troubleshooting networks in complex and evolving environments.  We understand the importance of knowing how organisations use and operate their networks, the type of content and services they require networks to deliver, and the restrictions sometimes present around budget and support services.

We can identify the equipment manufactures and technology mixes best suited for deployment (based on internal skills audits, training availability, MTTF metrics and redundancy levels).  Designs are documented using standard methodologies and designed so that any future architects, support engineers or installers can continue to work with them without support.

We also provide audit services to examine existing networks and analyse current performance and future needs.

Cloud Services

As part of any design, we look at the pros and cons of in-house vs cloud-hosted services.  For many applications, cloud services, particularly those offered by AWS, offer a more tenable solution both in terms of stability and cost reduction.  Data security considerations and GDPR impact assessments are considered as part of this, as well as an organisation’s dependency on any single third party.

  • Network architecture and connectivity options.
  • Switching and routing methodology.
  • Hardware selection.
  • Clear, concise documentation.
  • Enhancements to existing infrastructure.
  • Backup and redundancy planning.
  • Independent advice on supplier selection.
  • Audit and network health check.


Problem/Issue Solving

Problem solving is at the core of everything we do.  By stripping back each issue to first principles, we uncover the route causes of issues and thus the best solutions to them.  For networks in particular, tracking down the source of faults that often only identify themselves as ‘slow/poor performance’ and can be sporadic and unpredictable, this is particularly important.  We work to quickly define a strategy for identifying, isolating and fixing issues like these.

Urgent Support

If you are currently having problems with your network and need urgent support to troubleshoot and fix them, we can often provide same- or next-day, short-notice support.  This can be either remote or on-site.

Contract Support

For organisations with IT departments skilled in the software and support side of operations, we can provide contracted support in a ‘bucket days’ arrangement.  This allows your technicians to access additional support for network- and server-related issues, as and when they require them, at a lower rate.  This can be for in-house or cloud- based infrastructure.

We can also provide support services to cover absence if required.

Supporting High-growth Organisations

When organisations grow at speed, taking on additional staff and resources, networks often fail to scale with them, causing bottlenecks and hampering productivity.  We can ensure that these issues are ironed out early on by providing easily expandable solutions and ensuring that they scale with your needs.