Network Design & Troubleshooting

Design.  Install.  Support.

Our experienced team of network architects have expertise in designing, deploying and supporting school networks.  From physical network design and installation (including multi-site connectivity) to wireless network planning and software provision, we can support your school.  Our particular speciality is in deploying switching and routing networks and troubleshooting issues within them.

We provide contract-based, short-notice or ad-hoc troubleshooting to support your in-house IT department or help identify and fix tricky sporadic or recurring network issues.

All our engineers are DBS checked and follow our internal safeguarding policy.

Network Design

Our team is experienced in designing network infrastructure for deployment in schools of all sizes.  More importantly, though, we are familiar with maintaining and troubleshooting networks in school environments.  This means that we understand how schools use and operate their networks, the type of content and services they require networks to deliver, and the restrictions sometimes present around budget and support services.

We can identify the equipment manufactures and technology mixes best suited for deployment (based on internal skills audits, training availability, MTTF metrics and redundancy levels).  Designs are documented using standard methodologies and designed so that any future architects, support engineers or installers can continue to work with them without support.

As with all network designs, consideration of data security is vital.  We work to recommend simple, practical solutions that are easy to maintain and do not limit or restrict the productivity of your team or their ability to support the network.  We look at how such solutions fit in with your safeguarding requirements and how the network can be used and expanded to cut costs and streamline operations across the school.

We also provide audit services to examine existing school networks and analyse their current performance and future needs.

  • Network architecture and connectivity options.
  • Switching and routing methodology.
  • Hardware selection.
  • Clear, concise documentation.
  • Enhancements to existing infrastructure.
  • Understanding of how schools use networks.
  • DBS-checked engineers.

Network Support

Urgent Support

If you are currently having problems with your network and need urgent support to troubleshoot and fix problems, we can often provide same- or next-day short-notice support.  This can be either remote or on-site.

Contract Support

For schools with IT departments skilled in the software and educational side of school ICT provision, we can provide contracted support in a ‘bucket days’ arrangement.  This allows your technicians to access additional support for network- and server-related issues, as and when they require them, at a lower rate.

We can also provide support services to cover absence if required.

Health Check

As well as providing ICT audit services, we provide regular health-check services (either annually or quarterly) to ensure the continued provision of IT services and help pre-empt faults and problems.  We can advise on the short-, medium- and long-term needs of the school’s infrastructure and help map out future spending.

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