Safeguarding Enablement

Safeguarding pupils online is an increasingly difficult task.  With numerous points at which they can access digital media, both through devices within the school’s control and devices they personally own, the challenge is compounded.  Online media is also become an increasingly important learning tool, however, and being able to access this content in a safe environment is key.

We look at solutions that move away from the traditional method of ‘block what we can and hope for the best’ and instead look at intelligent solutions to moderate and control content without hampering learning.

Proactive Monitoring and Alerting

Intelligent Content Filtering

Age-appropriate Solutions

New tools, such as pattern analysis of children’s web searches, allow proactive reporting of potential safeguarding concerns, such as self-harm, sexual-abuse or drug-taking queries.  By identifying these in advance, teaching and pastoral teams can step in to help protect and support pupils.

We are not affiliated with any particular providers and work to identify the best solutions to fit your school’s needs and budget.  We then work to oversee the implementation and testing of these solutions.

Data Protection

Often overlooked are the methods by which pupils and staff access data from outside the school.  How this data is controlled, transported and encrypted, especially when it is of a sensitive nature, is an important element of safeguarding children.  Securing data in a way that does not hamper learning or teachers’ ability to work need not be complicated, but it does require processes and procedures.

We help guide you through these options.