Deployment Planning & Quality Control

Confidence in Timescales

Collating and organising the variables of a large infrastructure project and forming a useful and accurate deployment plan is no small feat.  Our real-world experience working on designing and delivering infrastructure projects for service providers and wholesale networks gives us a unique insight into many of the elements that need to be factored in.

Environmental, financial and regulatory factors often come into play, and building a realistic project delivery plan without resorting to building in excessive (and costly) slip time, slowing down the overall delivery, is vital.  By analysing and projecting key elements of the delivery, we can model with a high degree of confidence the delivery of the whole project.  Risk margin is only added where this detailed modelling highlights the need for it (eg when frost might affect concrete setting, or other environmental details) rather than as a generic block.

We also advise on and create the final written plan around the project management methodology used for delivery, and advise how each layer of the project can interact with the model in a useful feedback loop.

Our objective is always to deliver a project plan that is realistic, suitable for making a business judgement about the validity of the project, and compelling to decision makers.

Managing, Mitigating & Controlling Risk

Identifying risk and building a method of recording and quantifying it through risk registers and other methodologies is integral to the quality and accuracy of a deployment plan.  Likewise, building a structure to monitor risk and respond to changes as the project progresses helps build credibility into the plan and mitigate against unseen delays in delivery and cost.

Combined with the design of testing and acceptance procedures, we can help establish and oversee this process from conception to delivery.

Project Plan Delivery

We help deliver and present project plans, defining key phases and components, identifying critical paths and scaling timelines in line with budgetary and environmental restrictions.

Clear delivery in formats accessible to all project members builds confidence in the ability to deliver within budget and on time.

Project Management

Either to step in and assist for a short duration or to oversee elements of larger projects, our experienced project team can assist at all levels to project manage your delivery.  We are used to working at a project board level (in a PRINCE2 structure) or on the ground managing the physical delivery of projects.

Independent Quality Assessment

We provide independent validation of project deliverables either at the physical solution (checking that the relevant standards have been met) or through enhanced digital testing.  For networks in build, this is normally done through situation simulation, recovery testing and throughput analysis over time.

Where auditing is required, we can also assist to evidence the compliance between what has been delivered on paper and in reality, and present this in a meaningful way.