Market Research & Presentation

Analyse, Summarise & Report

With extensive experience working within the telecommunications sector and access to highly skilled and experienced specialists, Cunniffe & Helm provide bespoke independent market research, distilling key findings and analysis into easy-to-explore data and actionable points.

UK Broadband Market

Our research into take-up rates, data usage and traffic growth at a consumer level, combined with analysis of government policy and funding options, helps altnets to refine their business models and provide justification for investment and expansion.

We present clear, easy-to-explore data from an independent source and help to distil it into a format useful to both stakeholders and those reliant on data for making day-to-day decisions.

Technology & Costings

Our deployment experience across multiple media types places us well to analyse the different technology options for network expansions, and to explore the costings associated with different methodologies.  For wireless providers, we specialise in spectrum analysis and efficiencies in both the licensed and unlicensed spectrum space.

Consumer preference, its influence on take-up and sustainability, and the threats and opportunities different technologies pose are continuously shifting.  We help analyse, track and report on this within the telecoms market.

Demand Analysis & Valuing

Cunniffe & Helm collate and analyse a variety of demographic, technological and historical data sets to forecast demand and take-up of telecommunications services within the UK.  Working with both national and local district data sets, we predict demand against existing networks or averages and value the potential for revenue generation.

Price point analysis and sensitivity can be built into the model to help inform targeting and package design.  Used at an early stage, this data can help ascertain the best technology mix for deployment and the impact on the network’s ROI.

Local Authorities

Companies tendering for public funding in broadband intervention areas often require help understanding the specific environment within each local authority (LA) or district.  We help identify how LAs compare to other deployment areas and what impact this might have on deployments and take-up rates.

We also provide services such as OMR validation, network NGA assessment and tender-writing consultation and assistance.

Commercial & Regulatory Due Diligence

For internal regulation, acquisition confidence, ISO accreditation or public tenders, we provide impartial and external due diligence services.  Ascertaining and validating regulatory compliance (including radio licensing) and asset validation can be done through either lighter-touch paper evidencing or physical inspection and confirmation.

Competitor Analysis, Price Benchmarking & Positioning

Cunniffe & Helm undertake bespoke research to identify competitors in the market space (whether broader ISPs or same-media networks), determine their strengths and weaknesses and discover the opportunities they create or threats they pose.  Using this data together with our wholesale and RSP price benchmarking database, we can help provide analysis on your pricing position and identify current or potential USPs.