NGA Compliance

NGA Documentation & Submission

For altnets of all sizes, documenting that their network complies with Broadband Delivery UK’s (BDUK) definition of a next generation access (NGA) network is important, as it offers significant protection from overbuild funded through state aid.

To satisfy state aid rules, before public money is spent on broadband procurement, county and district must first conduct an open market review (OMR) to determine where there is a gap in the provision of broadband that public money could be used to resolve.  Networks wishing to participate in an OMR, and thus prevent the government funding an overbuild, must demonstrate that their network meets these NGA standards.  For full fibre networks, this is not an overly burdensome process, although there are some key technical challenges that must be understood.  For wireless ISPs, it can be more challenging.

Cunniffe & Helm have been involved in the creation, submission and evidencing process of several NGA submissions and can help streamline this process.

Compliance Assessment

Part of submitting an NGA assessment to a county, a district or BDUK is evidencing how your network meets or will meet the required standards.  This must include modelling for traffic and user growth, evidence of how KPIs are or will be monitored against acceptable parameters, and how your business plan supports the sustainability of the network.

Cunniffe & Helm have the expertise to monitor and assess these metrics on current networks and provide data to evidence conformity.  Our research data and papers can be used to forecast for growth and evidence how the network will evolve to support this.

For networks looking to tender for an NGA broadband procurement, through an ITT or other method we help build NGA submissions based on your network design, and where needed we help to refine the design parameters to ensure conformity.

We also work to validate current NGA assessments to help ensure a smooth submission process and minimise the time spent on clarifications and queries.

Physical Asset Validation & NGA Monitoring

Built up of people experienced in the in-field engineering of both fibre-optic and wireless infrastructure networks, our team can provide physical asset verification, ensuring that builds meet the standards and specifications laid down in tender responses.

Through either third-party or in-house monitoring tools, Cunniffe & Helm can support the building of NGA infrastructure, validating KPIs, monitoring growth and providing independent assurance.