Public & Private Tenders

Our experience in writing and analysing broadband infrastructure proposals for both public and private tenders has provided us with in-depth knowledge of the tendering process.

Wholesale Network Design

Experience designing, building and supporting wholesale broadband infrastructure networks.

NGA Compliance & Documentation

We document, check and provide supporting evidence for NGA submissions, working this into, or working with, your network design and tender submission.

Project Financial Model

We help build and analyse your project financial model (PFM), looking at long term revenues, OPEX risks, cash flow analysis and compliance with your solution design.

Deployment Planning & Quality Control

Looking at the tender requirements/scoring, available capacity and cash flow implications, we work with you to build a credible deployment plan and quality control process, which is key to proving confidence in your solution.

Data Collection & Research

Key to proving the feasibility and appropriate technical design of your solution is strong data and market research reporting.  We collate and analyse this data for you, feeding it into your design.

Solution Design Documentation

Solution design is key to any tender submission, and documenting this in a clear and logical manner is vital.  We work with you to structure and write it, conveying assurances and the methodologies that make your deployment as reassuring as possible.

Talk to us

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