Take-up Rate Modelling

Company, Trend & Area Analysis

Take-up rate modelling is a key, and rolling, document for all service providers and wholesale network operators.

For expansion into new areas, it forms a cornerstone of any business and marketing plan.  For existing networks, it shows how efficiently you are selling your services, where there is room for improvement and where your marketing budget might be better directed.

Identifying suitable data sources and influencing factors for your area and market requires an open approach, branching away from traditional internal data sets.

While compiling this information can seem time-consuming and expensive for smaller altnets, it can be fairly straightforward.  We can help compile this information for you, compare it to national and regional figures or just act as a critical eye to your existing documentation.

Researching, Collating and Analysing Data

We can work to identify suitable data sources for your existing or proposed network area and obtain these for you.  In most cases, much of the data we look for, such as population demographics and data to track affluence levels and disposable income, is freely available.  Some data, however, we would look to collect internally.

Through AddressBase OS data and information on your current subscribers, we can also calculate your current take-up rate and project this forwards.

How We Translate Your Data Into a Take-up Rate

Taking the data collected and using our experience in the industry, we assign each metric and conclusion a positive, negative or supportive weighting.  These form a basic, human-led algorithm.  We then use this in conjunction with either national or company-specific take-up data to determine a likely percentage take-up band.

Factors such as brand awareness and marketing budget and resources are also factored in to enhance the accuracy of the report.

Evidencing Conclusions

Evidencing these conclusions is normally done through a written report that explains the methodology used and the logic of deeming each data source as an influencer.  This creates a research paper style document suitable for evidencing conclusions in public tender processes or OMR submissions.

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