Traffic Analysis & Prediction

Trend Analysis

Predicting traffic growth over a network is key to planning builds, upgrades and investments.  Highly contended networks soon see an increase in customer churn, yet over-providing can be a poor use of investment.

Analysing how, when and where data flows over and around your network and how this is changing (and hopefully growing!) over time is an important part of optimising your network and planning your ROI.

Using either tools you have in place, or by configuring open source software, we can start to collate this data for you and map it into a useful and usable tool.

Growth Prediction

Using trend analysis from your existing data (where available), combined with industry white papers and in-depth knowledge of consumer growth patterns / emerging technology, we can forecast the likely growth patterns you may see over the next three to seven years.

Factors like the preference for handheld mobile devices over more traditional fixed connectivity, the adoption and spread of 4G, 4G Massive MIMO and 5G technologies feed into this analysis, shaping where your end users will be consuming their bandwidth from.  We aim to create a model for you that will show how bandwidth usage grows over time in proportion to your user base, and that can be used to support or challenge investment proposals.

This documentation is also a requirement for most public broadband tenders.

Network Dimensioning

Accurate network dimensioning is based on a strong and evidence-based traffic growth forecast.  While for fibre networks this is less important, as the unit cost of adding additional capacity to dark or owned fibre is low, for wireless ISPs (WISPs) and wholesale providers it is key, as the difference in technology and licence costs varies substantially with bandwidth demand.

Dimensioning a network involves summing the bandwidth that could theoretically flow through each point in your network at any given time, identifying bottlenecks, and planning for capacity increases over the next few years and in line with your technology refresh.

As networks expand and edges and paths become more diverse, modelling this can become complex.  We can help you establish and maintain this model, delivering a deep and valuable understanding of your traffic patterns.