Wholesale Network Design

Often veered away from by altnet providers, particularly those in the wireless market, wholesale network access is both a requirement of state aid-funded public contracts and a useful method of accessing additional revenue.  For smaller ISPs, allowing wholesale access can often remove some of the constraints around network expansion.

When correctly structured and designed, opening up a network for wholesale access can allow swift increases in subscriber rates, while also removing much of the hassle and cost that first-line customer support imposes on smaller organisations.

We can assist with designing the product offering, price benchmarking and wholesale integration layer, be this on an existing network segment or a purpose-built deployment.

Wholesale access to your services can be designed in a number of ways.  Some RSPs/ISPs favour a fully managed, end-to-end approach whereby the wholesale is essentially white-labelling the product offering.

For larger volume providers, however, this is often not an appealing approach, as higher margins can be achieved by leveraging their economies of scale.  Designing your access layer to provide multiple layers of integration points (such as at local dropouts or key data centres) facilitates this.  Strategies around hand-off, such as L2TP deployments, multi-domain radius pass-through or flat VLAN hand-off, will determine the design of the wholesale products early on.

We can assist with this process, from either the ground-up design or adaptation/integration with existing networks.

We undertake work to identify suitable price points for service and PIA wholesale products through two methodologies.

Firstly, we analyse the price points of providers with similar or comparable offerings within the market space through direct research.  Secondly, we look at the financial and operational models behind your offerings to help determine realistic margin assumptions.

Key to any wholesale access design is identifying and targeting potential retail service providers (RSPs) that can leverage your network.

Through price and product benchmarking and market research, we can help identify whose these networks might be and devise routes for targeting and incentivising them.

For altnets looking to tender for public intervention areas, evidencing that RSPs are already or have expressed a key interest in using your wholesale products adds credibility and believability to your bid.

Public tenders falling under state aid legislation require fair access to networks is made available at a wholesale level.  Our experts can advise on designing and shaping your wholesale network design, processes and access to ensure compliance with these requirements, while working to ensure they do not hamper your existing business plans.

Physical infrastructure access represents an opportunity to altnets of all medias (fibre, wireless, copper), but poses inherent risks too.  For wireless operators, opening up mast space to mobile companies or other telco providers is a great opportunity, particularly with the arrival of 5G and 4G Massive MIMO deployments on the horizon.  However, building your PIA framework to protect your limited spectrum is equally important.

Our experience in designing these solutions can help create a finely balanced solution that both complies with state aid legislation while opening up revenue sources, and gives you the protection needed to ensure the stability and growth potential of your investments.

Wholesale Network Onboarding

Utilising other providers’ wholesale offerings, both service offerings and PIA, provides a lower risk expansion route for consumer-focused service providers.  We can assist with both the process-based and technical onboarding processes and the financial analysis to support or challenge take-up of services.